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All About Me


SiCreations is a collection of artwork, photography, and varying other creations handcrafted by me, Si. I started SiCreations to share my love for this world and the journey of finding peace amongst the chaos. Working across a broad array of medias from traditional to digital, I'm able to share a little weirdness and the beauty of this world. Being serious is not my strong suit, but the best creations come from random craziness. Located in the beautiful PNW I take inspiration from everything around me and love spending time outdoors, exploring and hunting for new pocket goodies. 


I have been an aspiring artist since childhood. Rarely did you find me without something creative in my possession, most often a camera or a pencil. Creating is an escape that helps me sort out my own mind and find peace in my day to day life. We are handed many struggles and successes in our lives; art is how I try to manage mine.

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